Author: DJFang

One last Harvest Festival

Hey there, mPandas! It’s one last Harvest Festival. Forever. And it will be deeply missed. mPandanda is empty these days, however, a few fellas joined us in to celebrate the last harvest. Isn’t it lovely...


It’s Soon an End to an Era

Hey there, mPanda Pals! It’s a very bitter announcement to make. Sadly… the Summer Festival has ended. I’ll miss it. Really guys, it’s very sad. Thanks for reading this post. Now, without further ado, mPandanda...


Summer Festival 2019

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the year again – officially, as of June 21, summer is here. Or at least in the Northern Hemisphere and mPandanda Land (sorry Australia). We’ve got all the summer...


It’s been a wild May!

Hey there, fellow mPandas! May is coming to an end and honestly, it’s been a wild ride since you last heard from us on the blog. It was the Easter Festival that ended in early...


Happy Birthday, mPandanda!

Howdy, mPandas! mPandanda has just turned 3. We’ve got some nice celebrations set up for you so don’t forget to check out around mPandanda Land! Lily in Bear Hollow, Mr. Elmhurst in West Market Street...


Your Story Contest!

Howdy Pandas! mPandanda is 3!  This is such a long time and for sure all of us have either good and bad moments in this incredible virtual world. In this contest, things are simple. You tell...


New code: 500USERS

Hey there, mPandas! Before we begin, don’t forget to join our Discord: for more fun and chatting with other players! We’ve hit another milestone: 500 users in our Discord server. Well, now, that’s A...


Tropical Break is here!

Hey, mPandas! New Year’s already? Check. February 1, check. Well, it means only one thing – Tropical Break is here again! It is here to stay until February 8. Check out Lily & Elmhurst, they...


Winter Festival in Full Swing!

Hey there fellow  mPandas! It’s been a while since my last post and I’m glad we’re meeting again on the blog. Grab your mug of hot chocolate, have a nice warm blanket, sit down in...


December is finally here!

Hey there, mPanda pals! It’s finally December again and do you know what does this mean? Yes – one of the busiest months (for us) and one with the most fun (for you). We’re kicking...