Harvest Festival 2018

Hey there fellow mPandas!

We’re up to this season of the year again – and that’s Harvest Festival 2018. Without further ado, let’s get this post started!

We’ve got all those hay bales and trees and apples, wow! OH! AND WE’VE GOT CARAMEL APPLES POPPING UP HERE AND THERE!

East Market Street looks like a Harvest celebration that we’ve got out there. Doesn’t it look amazing? That’s my personal favorite.

What have we also got? Well, we’ve got some great prizes as usual. Check out Scarecrow in Harvest Grove for them all (psst, we’ve also got some exclusive ones there – the winner of Color Vote 2018).

Lily and Mr. Elmhurst have got brand new cool items that are selling so I highly recommend to check them out!

Also, we’ve got some cool catalogs – Clothing Co. and House & Tree!

We’ve got also brand new ice cream flavors.

Enjoy this Harvest, Pandas!