What’s Next? – October 2018

Hey there, fellow mPandas!

October is right at our front door and we can’t really wait for it. Is it just Halloween? I suppose for most of you it’s also the updates on mPandanda. Even in fall, despite being busy, we’re still going for high quality content and working hard on different features. Let’s just start off with the calendar, it’s so pleasing to watch it – it’s full of events – there are only 4 days this month when there won’t be anything going on. Prepare to have lots of fun! Also, let’s welcome Vasy back as Event Host (previously April 20 2017 – July 4 2017). He’ll be hosting most of the events, whereas Dilly has joined in our schedule with a few events during weekends. Rubi & I are going to be hosting sometimes as well.

Let’s dive in right into the updates – check them out below. Basically, they are our sticky notes, full of snapshots of the work that’s ongoing behind the scenes.

This is the loading screen of our mPandanda Standalone Client. What is it, you’re going to ask. Well, basically it’s an executable Windows program that lets you play mPandanda without the need of a browser. However, there’s one limitation – it’s not going to work on any other system apart from Windows. We’re doing this because most of you probably have noticed that Chrome requires you to enable Flash on every visit of our website.

This is how the main tab looks like – pretty neat, right? We’ve got some other cool extras to make it really handy. You’ll like it!

Next, we’ve got our Pet Color Vote – and we dedicated a special post to it. Click here to check it out.

This month is definitely dedicated to pets. We’ve got a new page being released in the Pets Catalog and something really cool – the Pet Daycare!

What’s more – we’ve got a brand new redesign coming out. This one is just going out-of-date (October 2017) and we thought it was a time for a refresh with a new modern look that has got the classical vibes.

We have also decided to start refreshing our login more often. I mean, it’s been like this for a while now, without any changes. It was high time for a seasonal one!

We’ve also got some cool events that Pandas will be celebrating in mPandanda Land. We’re kicking off this party month with Pet Peeve Week (October 9 – 16) – some of you may know what the name means. It’s all about the things that annoy us. What does it have to do with pets, though? Well, it just has “pet” in the name, nothing else. Perhaps this is why there’s so much pet stuff going on this month?

Next, we’ve got Pandanda’s 10th Anniversary. You know, Pandanda launched way back in 2008 and then, after the beta ended, they decided to celebrate it on October 24. On October 24, 2018 it’s 10 years since Pandanda officially opened its doors and we’ve got a one-week celebration for that. 10 years, time does really fly by!

And last, but not least, we’ve got a classic – Pumpkin Festival 2019. Needless to say, it’s full of Quests, activities, collectibles and rewards.

That’s enough sneak peeks, let’s end this post here now, mPandas. We’ve got a lot more going on and coming up, so stay tuned to the blog! Don’t forget to join our Discord server, where we post live updates and sneak peeks, as just stuff is being developed and created.

Party On,

The mPandanda Team