BOO! Pumpkin Festival is now here!

Hey there mPandas,

Pumpkin Festival is here to stay until November 14th. Get the spook, boo around and transform into a ghost (and join us in the interesting Halloween-themed events). So let’s look around, shall we?

We’ve got some great Halloween themed-locations thanks to Rubi! This year’s theme is abandoned/old buildings – as you can see, everything is torn apart and it’s all grey. Spooky, huh?

Just like the tradition dictates, there is the trick-or-treating part of the Festival – you collect candy, the cauldron gives you a treat. You don’t collect candy, the cauldron doesn’t give you a treat. What a trick! Oh, and this year the Cauldron of Prizes is located in West Market Street (it was previously in Misty Hill).

What are the prizes, you’re going to ask? Well, these of course are a surprise – I can say we’ve got some boo-tastic rewards for your candy this year. Don’t forget to collect some of it, or the cauldron will trick you!

Draco the Ghost this year has again been given the task to give Pandas Quests (poor Draco). Head over to The Parlor to accept his Daily Quest.

Have you by the way noticed that our friends Lily, Paige and the rest are now ghosts? A fellow decided to react to this change.

We’ve got many updates to the Festival that will be rolling out in a few phases, so stay tuned!

Ads time.

Rubi decided to pay me 20 candy for this ad in the blog post, so I can’t really skip it. Sorry guys, I did really need that Halloween background for my player card. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to keep this ad-free in the future 😀

So, we’ve got the annual mPandanda Trivia contest (always in early November, isn’t it odd) this Saturday – November 3, at 11:00 am mPD time in our Discord server. So far, only 18 Pandas have signed up for it, so make sure to join in! Here’s the invite: . Basically, the contest will occur in #pandanda-trivia channel in our Discord server. Contestants will get a special role so that they can answer the questions here. There will be 5 rounds that end when after somebody achieves 10 points. After their points get summed up, the top 3 scores will be announced. Prizes are as follows:

  • Winner – Golden Chat Bubble Hoodie, Lucky Green Pet Dragon, 3 Panda Gold and 10,000 coins
  • 2nd place – Lapis Blue Pet Dragon, 2 Panda Gold and 7,500 coins
  • 3rd place – Cafe au Lait Pet Dragon, 1 Panda Gold and 5,000 coins
  • Anyone else – 3,500 coins

Yes, this is right – anyone who joins the trivia will get 3500 coins reward! Also, let me point out that these pets are EXTREMELY rare and most likely won’t ever make a comeback.

Again, join in our Trivia contest and let’s have fun!

Boo on,