December is finally here!

Hey there, mPanda pals!

It’s finally December again and do you know what does this mean? Yes – one of the busiest months (for us) and one with the most fun (for you). We’re kicking off the holiday season with March of the Snowmen.

If you want to look like a snowman, just buy some items from Lily. But if you want to be a legit one, just buy the Frosty Potion from Paige’s Shop. Mr. Elmhurst offers variety of snowmen for your treehouse (make sure to be cold enough if you don’t want them to melt).

Mark the date December 21 – we’ve got Winter Festival coming up with some brand new surprises, items & prizes!

We’ve got a very special promotion ongoing. Everyone who donates $6 between Dec. 6 and Jan. 5 in our Market gets an exclusive gift – a limited edition Reindeer as well as a code for a Reindeer and 5,000 coins that they can give to a friend.

Stay tuned – we’ve got many posts coming up this December!

Snow On,