mPandanda Flashwind 2018

Hey there, mPandas!
It’s a big pleasure for us to present the 2018 Flashwind video!

This 2018 has been another beautiful year for us in mPandanda, and that’s all because of our wonderful community – you guys! For sure it’s gonna be a memorable year, especially with the invention of some festivals, activities and mascots in mPandanda, such as Sailors Festival and our pretty new game – Row Your Boat!

Thousands of events done by our wonderful Event Hosters made this year full of joy! Thank you all for the presence, the enthusiasm that you showed us and the friendship and love that you gave us! That’s what keeps us working harder and harder for you every single day!

We hope everything continues being so magical, we are looking forward to having an amazing 2019 and the only way for that to happen is with your help, mPandas!

Happy New 2019!

Yours truly,

mPandanda Team