New code: 500USERS

Hey there, mPandas!

Before we begin, don’t forget to join our Discord: for more fun and chatting with other players!

We’ve hit another milestone: 500 users in our Discord server. Well, now, that’s A LOT of users. There are really popular servers with 1000s of users and those communities of their are really huge, unlike our middle-sized community (honestly, I personally believe that’s the best community to be in – not too small, not too big, enough for everybody to be one nice family and in most cases, including our, it’s really friendly). In order to celebrate that, we’ve released a very special code you can redeem in-game: 500USERS. The code will be valid until Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 10:01 am mPD time, the day the Third Anniversary occurs! We’re so hyped for it by the way, expect a blog post on that very day.

Some of you may know how to redeem it. For those who don’t, here’s a tutorial. To begin with, to redeem the code, you need to log in and join a server. Easy as that, something all of you have done. Then, click the green button called Extras in the down right corner of the screen.


Then, after the Extras menu appears, click the Redeem Code button and enter your code.

Hit Redeem Code and there we go! We’ve got 500 coins and 5 Panda Gold for you.

See you on Tuesday!