Happy Birthday, mPandanda!

Howdy, mPandas!

mPandanda has just turned 3. We’ve got some nice celebrations set up for you so don’t forget to check out around mPandanda Land! Lily in Bear Hollow, Mr. Elmhurst in West Market Street and McWiggles in The Big Scoop have got some really cool stuff to check out.

We’ve got a wall full of memories throughout the years in Community Center – feel free to check those out!

By the way, have you checked West Market Street? It looks neat.

I spy with my little eye something with a J. Yep, that’s a new Panda that has arrived on mPandanda Land – John at the ticket counter of a new building (which apparently used to be that archway back in the days, pretty useless honestly). And that building is…

We celebrated mPandanda’s birthday at exactly 21:00 am mPD time on February 12th – exactly 3 years after the grand opening in 2016. Time flies by. And of course, as you have probably guessed, the new building is a long-awaited Cinema. VIPs are the only ones allowed to request videos in the Cinema, however, everybody can watch!

And here we are, with three years behind our back. It has been an amazing journey so far and we are looking forward to even more memories!

Oh, and if you have thought for a second that this is the last thing occurring during the Anniversary Week, you’re pretty wrong. Stay tuned!

Party On,