Dragon Festival – something brand new!

Hello there, panda buddies!

With a huge pleasure I want to present you the first of a kind in the whole mPandanda history – Dragon Festival! After the big effort that Game Developers did to release this project I would like to introduce the main characteristics of our project!

First of all let’s mention the super colorful brand new design of mostly all of the Land, especially the exclusive one in Bear Hollow! New nuances, new signs, new decorations, NEW EVERYTHING!

You are wondering what is the meaning of the dragon egg with the question mark in Bear Hollow? Well there the answer is! Sometime around the end of the festival there will be an amazing surprise for all of you for both pet and big dragons!

Moreover, you may find those adorable little pets that we know so well dancing, playing and welcoming you with the purest happiness you’ve ever seen in mPandanda, as well as the majestic, big dragons flying in the sky in order to protect you from any danger!


Of course for the week of the Dragon Festival we have organized for you as usual the best events- meetings, games, discount days and of course the fun conversations that we will have together while being together on every event!

We all know that you guys love doing quests! Well we’ve thought about that as well! Right now, exclusively for Dragon festival you might find some new interesting quests for our best companions!

And last but not least a various choice of colors thematically related to our new festival can be found and immediately bought at Lily’s!

However, we are deeply hoping that you enjoy this creation of ours called Dragon Festival! We will be extremely happy to get your feedbacks around it! Have a good time and see you around mPandanda Land!