It’s been a wild May!

Hey there, fellow mPandas!

May is coming to an end and honestly, it’s been a wild ride since you last heard from us on the blog. It was the Easter Festival that ended in early May. Oh wait, that’s April stuff. It started in April.

Fast forward a week!

mPandanda Equestrian started May 8.

Thanks to our favorite moderator Tasy for the picture! Yep, that’s right – we had a horse dedicated festival. Now we’ve seen everything. Jokes aside, it was a blast. It was part of the new festivals wave we decided to release in order to experiment what people like. And it was a success – we previously saw Dragon Festival being a huge hit. Let’s not forget that Maggie had different horse quests every day with a special prize in the end – a very special unicorn!

Thank you eggplant80 for always documenting mPandanda Land!

Now, we’re up to Desert Exploration mini event. Yep, that’s right, we explore the desert. And what’s the best location for exploring deserts far away? Of course, Faraway Desert.

The arrows are pointing somewhere and Suzukipb10 is ready to take up the challenge.

Going through the wild and exploring it – this sounds fun! But be careful, the Desert contains both its surprises and traps. I won’t hint anything else – log on mPandanda now and explore the huge Faraway Desert of mPandanda and its secrets until June 4.

Summer is right at our doorstep and we can’t wait. For now, the only thing we will hint is that this summer will not be with the traditional festival order and we’re going to see new catalogs, new festivals, some summer refreshing decorations and more! Stay tuned, log in regularly!

Hop on mPandanda Pandas!