Summer Festival 2019

Hey everyone!

It’s that time of the year again – officially, as of June 21, summer is here. Or at least in the Northern Hemisphere and mPandanda Land (sorry Australia). We’ve got all the summer vibes ready on mPandanda to kick off the summer so hop on – many surprises to come!

There’s Pandas gathering around for summer events and I should say, they are plenty. Like, who doesn’t enjoy swimming in the sea? I definitely do.

As you have probably guessed, just like any other year, for 11th year in a row…

Can’t believe this is one of the longest festivals occurring, if not the longest (sorry, nobody keeps official statistics). Isn’t it amazing? And for 11th year in a row, congrats, we are collecting pineapples again. Ayy!

But just like any Summer Festival is different by decorations from the previous years, this one’s not an exception. We’ve stacked all summer clothes @ Lily’s, so she needs a booth & a counter for that now.

Don’t forget that she also gives some of the Summer Quests, so check around mPandanda Land carefully and daily for summer-themed Quests.

Kapono is back for a yet another year with 100% brand new shiny items. Don’t forget to check him out in Fishing Hole!

Chilling for a yet another year near the campfire


It’s the biggest Summer Festival we’ve had so far for those 11 years. Surely, the items he offers are cool. Why don’t you check them out now? Head over to!

Chill On,