One last Harvest Festival

Hey there, mPandas!

It’s one last Harvest Festival. Forever. And it will be deeply missed. mPandanda is empty these days, however, a few fellas joined us in to celebrate the last harvest.

Isn’t it lovely how we all gathered together so quick? To celebrate it, we’ve changed a little bit Bear Hollow, The Orchard and West Market Street. We’ve also added for the nostalgia music from the previous Harvest Festivals, as well as other rooms from previous years.

Lily, as usual, has got some really cool items.

Mr. Elmhurst never misses to release special items for a festival. This year, he’s got some old Harvest items for you to enjoy.

Guess who’s back for one last year? That’s right, our favorite Scarecrow. It’s making sure the final harvest is all good.

Wait, hasn’t the Scarecrow got new items? Bet he isn’t just a decoration there. He sure isn’t. Unlike any other festival previously, we’re publishing exclusively a spoiler of what this year’s prizes are. Enjoy!

Those items are surely cool to get. As you can see, we’ve also released a new color, the Mahogany Panda Paint, which was a runner-up in Panda Color Vote 2018.

Save the date. August 30.

Keep Harvesting,