Fan Mail: Final Edition

Hey there, mPandas!

It’s the second and the last edition of Fan Mail. It’s been more than a year since the last Fan Mail edition and today we are here for a very special one. Since The End to an Era has been announced, many have decided to thank us for all we’ve done throughout the years for all our players. Thank you everyone who have taken a moment to think about the dedication we’ve put into the game and have decided to email us to express their gratitude. This feedback means a lot to us.

The rest, thank you for joining the wild ride called mPandanda that lasted almost 4 years. Thank you on behalf of all the previous owners and administration for joining the adventure called Pandanda.

Sadly, we cannot feature everyone who has sent us one of those kind emails or messages as they are too many and in different formats. However, we’re here to mention four fellas – Mariakeeee, Nevisco, from the previous Fan Mail edition – Andreea2120 and last, but not least, a special Discord message by Dipper.

Mariakeeee expressed their gratitude via our support email and requested one last Halloween. Unfortunately, as you probably know, this is impossible to happen. However, we’ve got something special to announce regarding festivals that you will get to know more about on August 30. Thank you, Mariakeeee!

Those are really kind words, Nevisco! We have tried different marketing strategies, however, we admit that we lack those skills and our numerous attempts to advertise the game have failed. Heads up, we’ve got the best community, out of those attempts, we’ve learned that being a medium-sized community is way better as it’s neither too small, nor too big and almost every Panda knows the rest.

Andreea2120 has once again described everything in great detail and that’s truly amazing. On behalf of the whole team, thank you Andreea2120 for pointing out what you like the most out of all our work!

And last, but not least, a beta, Dipper has decided to message me personally on Discord and thank us for everything.


And we now thank you for your kind words, Dipper! I’m posting his message with a phrase left out as it contained some personal details.

Thank you everyone once again for all the kind emails and messages you’re sending. We read them all and we do our best to respond to them. In fact, we have read and responded to every single email we have received in our support inbox. Over the years, we have got a total of 1487 email threads (which means every support ticket that includes our replies and their replies to the issue if they had any, thus the emails being way more than 1487, however, we’re unable to count them) and we have sent 3202 emails for password resets, confirmations and of course, replies to your tickets.

To end the post, I’m including an interesting piece of statistics.

As long as the domain exists, our inbox will always be open for you.

Keep Writing,