mPandanda’s Legacy

Hello there, mPanda pals!

September is right at our door. There is less than a month until mPandanda shuts down. The precious summer has gone by so fast, just like any other year. Sadly, all good things come to an end. Just like mPandanda will, almost 4 years after its start. Here’s the official invite for you all: Join us on September 28, 2019, on the server Willow, right at 11:00 am mPD time for the last 2-hour event on mPandanda. mPandanda is closing its doors forever on September 28, 2019, exactly at 1:01 pm mPD time.

Now that we’ve covered these things up, it’s time for the details. Closing in less than a month doesn’t mean we’re not keeping up the hard work until the very last minute (and as you will learn later from this post, we’ll continue working after that as well). We’re going to do this as a timeline.

August 30, 2019

We’re publishing this post. A notification about it is now in-game, that will appear to everyone who logs in until September 28. The market has closed. The September 2019 calendar is now here.

Early September

Panda Power on Quests will double, so you can level up 2x faster and get those awesome items from the Quest Rewards catalog. Pets will no longer disappear when you don’t take enough care for them. We will start working on the final updates that will release between 9 and 12 September 2019, including our final mPandanda Flashwind.

Last Zing Prizes

Zing Ballyhoo hasn’t been on mPandanda for so long! But don’t worry, he will return on September 9 with three really special and brand new prizes. All he requires from you are 10 golden tickets. The tickets can be seen anywhere in mPandanda so stay sharp. Once you’ve collected 10 tickets, you can find Zing at his tent in the Treehouse Lobby to claim your prize. His prizes change each week on Monday at 12:01am mPandanda Time.

Pandanda Festival

Pandanda Festival – this is the name of the final festival in mPandanda that is going to start on September 12. Pandanda Festival will bring all the fun from these amazing years.

Every location will be decorated in a different theme but trust us, they are so much (52 total since October 2016) that sadly not every festival can get into in Pandanda Festival. Also, all clothes, furniture, and companions will be released during this festival.

During the festival, there will be up to two events every day until the final day of this era. We will try to host every type of events that have taken place on mPandanda Land. In fact, we are going to host a total of 28 events in September, a record number!!!

The Final Week

The final week is the most special one in mPandanda. On Monday, September 23, all pandas can enjoy the benefits of the VIP Perks for five incredible days!

We will also host two of our most popular events – Treehouse Contest and Game Day. The last three events are the most special and we really recommend to attend these ones.

On Thursday, September 26 we are going to get visited from our Speical Pandas for the last time – Sheriff Steele, Zing Ballyhoo, Lily and Pierre the Pirate!

On Friday, September 27 we are going to hang out, have fun and tell our stories about mPandanda and dream about the future. Note that this one is going to be hosted on the server Maple which we will try to fill up, just like back in Winter Festival 2017 when it was called Aspen. We know we can do it again!

And then we reach the final event on September 28… This one will start at 11:00 AM mPandanda Time and will continue until 1:01 PM mPandanda Time when the game will close down forever…

mPandanda’s Legacy – What’s next after mPandanda?

mPandanda might close down, but the game and the community will still live on. Please continue reading what is to happen after mPandanda’s closure.


PandandaGO! is an offline version of mPandanda that will release right after mPD closes down. It is a downloadable client and doesn’t have any connectivity to the internet. PandandaGO! includes every festival and mini-festival that have taken place on mPandanda Land. Every item will be included in this version and everything is going to be free. We know how painful it was for there to be no Pandanda over the years. Now, this is going to be different. The only downside – since there is no connectivity required, you cannot play with other Pandas. You are solo in PandandaGO!.

Over the past few months we have been working on PandandaGO! and we finally started testing it in late August, along with six mPandanda players. A big shout out to eggplant80, EllieVla, inumimi, JiddyJad, safej16 and Sovoy for helping us out. Without them, PandandaGO! wouldn’t be as stable as it is right now, though there is more work to be done.

Here’s me on PandandaGO! and the first custom festival – Moon Festival.

Minecraft Server

Over the past few months, we’ve been looking for another game where this community can be brought together. And we didn’t really see any other options but Minecraft. The game is popular again and really fun. The server is online right now and you can play even if you use the offline/cracked version of the game. The IP is and as of the moment of writing this post the version of the server is 1.14.3. At this moment, you can survive with your mates or alone and try out our brand new KitPVP but of course, there’s a lot to be added in the future.

The concept of our current spawn that you can see in its full glory if you join the server.

Discord Server

As probably every single game, mPandanda also has a Discord server, where you can chat with the community. People are really nice and talkative here and new people are always welcome. When chatting, you can level up and get perks in the server. After September 28th, we are going to add special chat channels dedicated to Pandanda, as well as chats for the legacy of mPandanda. Join our Discord server by clicking on the image below.

That’s pretty much for now. Expect more posts in the blog about throwbacks, fun facts, news, and updates so make sure to visit it often. When a new post is being published, the blog icon in the game toolbar will get a “NEW!” mark on it. We will also notify you in our Discord server.

Once a Panda, always a Panda!

mPandanda Team