What’s next? – September 2017

Howdy mPandas!

Today, I’ll be showing you some sneak peeks I know some of you are pretty excited about. Of course, if you don’t want to see any sneak peeks, just don’t read this post. So now, we’ll be covering the following: Harvest Festival 2017, Community Center and the upcoming Pet Adoption in-game… sounds exciting already, right?

Let’s start with Harvest Festival! Since we haven’t got any files related to that event besides the prizes dialog (just like we haven’t got any other files for the rest of the festivals except for Pumpkin Festival), we had to recreate everything. I can confirm that as of the moment of writing this post, everything that had been 5 years ago on Pandanda has been recreated by me. Rubi is doing currently some extra rooms so that we can extend the festival this year! I wanted to create some quests, but sadly, due to personal problems I don’t really have the time to do so. Red Wine, the winner of Panda Color Vote 2017 will also be a prize. So, let’s go!

Looks intriguing, right? Starting September 22, you’ll be able to enjoy this festival.

Now, let’s move on to Community Center. Even though I can’t say a lot about it yet, it’s going to be something like a room where the whole community can gather, exchange some books, water the plants, watch TV and so on! And, since it’ll be the community center šŸ˜› , Bear Hollow will have the beanbags removed.

I wouldn’t like to say anything more about it so that you can figure out the rest on your own.

And last, but not least, the Pet Adoption update. We’re going to bring it in-game so that you can easily get all your pets. Oh, and in our Discord we decided that it will take 3 days for new pets to hatch. Exciting, right? Currently, I’m working on the Pets Catalog which has also been gone since 2012 and I have to recreate it completely.

Keep your eyes peeled for more!