Summer Refresh Reveal

Hi there pandas!

It’s time to reveal one of the biggest updates ever made in mPandanda’s history. It changes our identify, team organization and most importantly – the fun experience for you.

What’s already added? We can officialy announce that our rebranding and redesign part of the Summer Refresh is done! In recent days we introduced our new logos, changed the design of our blog and full screen version page and most notable here is our new login design.

This is the new login design. It’s really awesome!

Small changes in the in-game design could happen. But Summer Refresh isn’t only redesigning of things.

What’s gonna be added? The mPandanda Team will work hard to bring new and awesome updates regularly. Regular updates could make people stay in the game and get hyped for the next in-game activity. So what do we plan:

  • Festival every month – Some months don’t get any festivals. People get bored and these months and some of them just don’t login until the next festival or event.
  • Mini festivals when there’s no new stuff – There’s nothing much to do when there’s no festival, so we could entertain you with mini festivals. Background Week and Water Day are great example of this. Do you remember them?
  • Radio Day – This is going to be a day of the week, when pandas can submit songs in mPandanda and be heard on the radio. New songs must be added regularly. The radio must be up to date with the hits coming each day.
  • Contests – Everyone loves contests. We can often held small contests for fun and one huuuge contest every other month.

The Fill Server Aspen event was one of the biggest events ever made in mPandanda Land.

There must be a balance between announcing news and updates in our Discord server, blog, social media and why not forums.

  • Regular blogging – Currently the blog is not often used. We could start release sneak peeks there, instead of the Discord server, publish polls, interesting facts and a small part of the storyline of the festival coming in the land.
  • Facebook and Twitter – Social media is really important thing in today’s business. We have 7,000 likes on our page on Facebook and 236 followers on Twitter. We can’t just publish links to our new articles in the blog. Publishing random pictures taken in the game (events, pandas doing activities, fan art, etc.) could be really informative and interesting for our followers in both pages.
  • Forums – Even if it’s used by a few players, it still has potential. Forums are often updated with new features and new themes.

The first picture posted in our blog!

Now let’s talk a little bit about the team. The mPandanda Team has great and motivated people in there, but as everyone in the world, we are not perfect. :mrgreen: But of course we can improve ourselves, see how much we tried:

  • Ew, bugs! – We can’t add more and more content when there are bugs. This is not a way to compensate you. We are destroying every bug that is possible for us to fix.
  • Coordination – The coordination of the team is not one of the best. We are giving a thing that commonly happens – an admin decides to make items and put them in sell or other admin decides to add a new feature without any reason. I won’t be surprised if some of us put out Christmas items in summer. So admins should share the workload.
  • Moderators  Moderators do their job great, but they should be more motivated.
  • Events – There should be 3-4 events hosted every week. The activities on the event should be related to the theme of the event. Example:  Summer Day event – summer activites (visiting Coconut Beach, the islands, etc) and games (Fashion Show with themes releated to summer, summer riddles, but of course we should think of new games)

Remember when Sheriff was on a long vacation last summer?

Well that’s the most important stuff in the Summer Refresh, we hope all of you are excited! It’s time to announce that Summer Refresh celebration will be held on mPandanda Land on June 6th. As weather is getting warmer, McWiggles will introduce his new irresistible ice cream favours on the same day. And also Lily is really excited to put out the new items she got today on her catalog. Sadly she doesn’t allow us to take a look of them, so we should wait until next Wendesday! It’s time for bright future. 🐼 ➡

-The mPandanda Team