Summer Refresh Celebration

Hi there pandas,

Have you read our post about our future plans for mPandanda? If you not, better read them first and then go back here. But if you already did, continue to read this post. Summer Refresh is a big change for mPandanda, it’s an improved experience for everyone. That’s why a celebration is currently going in the land right now and will continue until June 13!

Explore the decorated locations, that are warmer than usual during this season, so you should definetly get one of the newest ice cream flavors in The Big Scoop. Believe me, they’re so good. Theare are so many varieties – from Minty Chocolate to Apple Gone Nuts! Nice job, McWiggles.

And this time Lily didn’t miss to sell awesome items, you should definetly get them because they won’t make a return soon.

To make the celebration more fun, Sheriff Steele and Zing Ballyhoo are going to pay a visit to us during the next days. We don’t know at what time they’ll visit so you better look around the land for them.

We wish you good luck,

-The mPandanda Team