Let’s Make Community Center Better Together

Hi there pandas,

You might have noticed the locked door in Bear Hollow. Yes, the one that leads to Community Center. There’s nothing to worry, the center isn’t closing, even if it’s not really visited by us. You probably feel strange every time when you visit a location that is always empty. And you’re probably surprised when you see someone there. Well we are about to change that.

Special shout-out to everyone in the picture! You are awesome.

Community Center is closed for its renovation. The mPandanda builders ran out of ideas about how perfect should the center look like to make pandas have fun in it… Until the moment when a smart panda around there said “The room is called Community Center. It was created for the community. Everyone should decide how it should look like.”. Everyone agreed with them and now we are here writing this post.

Until June 18, you can give ideas what should be added or improved in Community Center here in the blog. You might already noticed that the comments in this post are open. You should use your Panda name to send a comment in order to win 1000 coins and 1 panda gold.Β Yes that’s right, every panda submitted an idea will get the prize. We hope the builders will be done with the renovated center when Football Festival ends. Wish them good luck, we are sure they’ll work hard. But you should help them first.

-The mPandanda Team

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25 Responses

  1. Randy says:

    Maybe adding a new NPC with a separate quest and different special event items would bring more people into the community center?

    I don’t go there often because there isn’t any interaction needed, except for a few quests here and there. Adding a permanent NPC would encourage me to go more into the community center.

  2. Andreea2120 says:

    Maybe a table or something where people can donate coins or panda gold or even clothes if they are not wear it anymore . Since I hear a lot of people talking about this ‘ donating ‘ concept I thought that will be a nice idea and if this will be on community center then will will go more often in that room .

  3. Sade says:

    Hello! So I think there should be games added like that are in the ice cream parlor and in book nook. As well as, it could have like something Pandanda or Mpandanda never had before like for example, A radio/ mp3 player in the room where people could add a youtube link and change music… I think that would be really cool lol…

  4. NeonPanda says:

    Maybe a NPC character who sells new clothes? or make the Community Center look like more modern or add posibility to play your favourite song.

  5. FluffyDash says:

    I’ve thought about adding a new NPC as well as including this room into the quests, but it was mentioned previously. So, since this room is for community activities, it would be awesome to add a game there (not sure exactly which one) or another activity we can enjoy together with other players. Maybe mini-events, parties, or just small meetings with mods. Also I really like the idea to play our music not only in treehouse (but I think purple door is more suitable for it)

  6. glitchesbae says:

    Maybe a place with more games, new character with modern clothes or place where pandas can exchange their clothes?:)

  7. Ayumi says:

    Maybe Trixie should be a NPC with new quests

  8. Moni231123 says:

    You should add a new NPC with quests or a catalog and a song player with a queue
    Or add some secrets to the room like if you do an special action on a specific place you earn a shirt or a pet or something

  9. persil says:

    I’ve thought about a new mini-game, in which our panda will be teleported somewhere, not to stay in a room like in Pen The Pig, something like ‘Sled Racing’ in winter or ‘Hydro Hopper’ in summer ( as those games in Club Penguin if you have ever played, but now with pandas ). I also have an idea to use the karategi outfit from Questy, I don’t know how, but it could be put to use as well in a mini-game connected with karate πŸ™‚

  10. PapaJohn says:

    Add an entrance to the lighthouse and have an NPC with quests and clothes.

  11. xdaeaa says:

    add a weekly adoption fair for dragons where Izzy is there and player’s old dragons are sold for a discounted price (names of dragons cant be changed). I think thatd be a fun community activity

  12. xbeccaa says:

    I think an NPC that gives more quests would be beneficial, that way there could be more quests to do. The NPC could provide more options for other popular things in the game, like clothes, pets, and house decorations. Also, if there were more games, people would probably be willing to go so they can earn more coins.

  13. Kinawaiio says:

    A NPC here would be nice.

  14. Aquila says:

    I think… It’s going to be the COMMUNITY Center, so it should give pandas an opportunity to communicate, integrate and have fun together. Places with mini-games would be great but I want to suggest something new. An option to exchange clothes/items with other players or offering unwanted items for free to other pandas. In my opinion it would really bring players together and make Community Center a nice, busy place.
    A new NPC with quests and/or shop would be nice too.

  15. Tefii says:

    U can add new games, and also a new shop about something where people could buy memories from MPD. Or have a tour all around the island.

  16. Tefii says:

    I was thinking and u can also add lot of chairs where pandas can sit to talk because is a community center. Interaction is always good and u can make new friends in there while u are having fun with games too.

  17. pinky11708 says:

    A new two player mini game would be fun πŸ™‚

  18. Sergiu3 says:

    A new game/way to make money (50-100 coins), new npcs with LOTS of clothes and house decors. New pets? new mounts?

  19. Sporty says:

    I’ve thought it could look like a comfy bar or a pub πŸ˜€ If a new NPC would be too troublesome for you …..then you could put Paige behind the bar with her potions and maybe some other drinks to sell – non alcoholic of course XD, ( I think Lily can manage Bear Hollow alone πŸ˜€ ). There could be also a fireplace, so it would look comfy, along with that sandbags or sofas to sit on. Also there could be games, as everybody mentioned already, but personally i would put there billiard table (it doesn’t have to be a real game) πŸ˜€ .. also it could look a bit darker ..atmosphere with dimmed lights and switched on lamps. πŸ˜‰ …. btw mPD IS THE BEST ! πŸ˜€

  20. Kitsu says:

    I have an idea that’ll pull everyone together, allowing the community center to partially become a community trading center. As in, creating some sort of layout where two players (by request and acceptance) can open a window together that’ll allow for the trading of items and coins with each other. It could go a few ways, one being once you accept a trade request from someone else, you can scroll through each others backpacks with arrows, and take turns clicking items from their own backpack and the other player’s backpack, and then clicking a check mark (or something). Then this will allow the other partner to make adjustments to the center boxes that include what items to trade. Once both players come to an agreement (maybe even wagering in coins) they both confirm and agree to the trade. Another way to make this easier for the players themselves could be having an option within a player backpack menu (or a corner of the community center) to select which items the player is willing to trade. It helps with privacy, and could deter annoyance. This could especially help newer pandas when it comes to just helping each other out, or could bring some spice to players who went through the years collecting rare items. Another idea I have is the option to allow something similar to a community chest, where players can drop off items they wish to donate to others. Either a system of a huge chest where people can drop and pull items, maybe even limiting it to collecting one item per X time (to prevent people from camping out).

  21. Avor says:

    The room could be made into an area where players can leave their pets in. This place would kind of be like a pet day care, where they can roam around and play. Also, a room for some two plus mini games would also be a great way to have fun with other players.

  22. Soarin says:

    There could be a new minigame that let’s you earn more coins (perhaps 100+ coins?), for example. Maybe there could be a new NPC that gives you quests related to the Community Center or related to house decorations. And as almost everyone mentioned, there could be a trading system because I would like to trade some old clothes to the new players who don’t have enough coins to buy everything. Same could apply to treehouse decorations.

  23. PapaJohn says:

    Put Max back on mpd and he can go into the community center and he could sell the gold items from the catalogue and can also sell clothes. Add a quest if Max does get added into the community center and when we finish the quests we can get gold for doing his quests, but if he does give gold it should be like 5 pieces. Like everyone here is saying that there needs to be an NPC so the community center get more attention.

  24. NightWolf1023 says:

    The community center could be a place where us pandas can get together and bond as a community. Games can be added, a new npc, and the community center can have updating things. For example a football/soccer theme for the World Cup in Russia, Olympics theme, or any holiday theme. A local newspaper can be placed so the updates on the blog (or any events) can be seen, summarized, in the community center. The “newspaper” can also just be a fun activity with polls or something so that you can get to know the community more. The other commenters have been saying to add a music playlist/radio function, but I find that more suited in the Purple Room (which I personally don’t visit due to lack of activities there) as FluffyDash suggested. The community center can also be some sort of welcome center in which it has information on what the pandas can do and where they can do it, like the rabbit catching and ghost hunting activities; however, I find the prior idea more pleasant and communal.

  25. Rubi says:

    Nice job everyone! ❀

    Everyone’s ideas are great and will be discussed with the rest of the team. Sadly, not every idea can be possible due to the game’s possibilities. 😦 But you showed that you really want a change so the prize will deffinetly be a little bit increased!

    I saw that some pandas mentioned Purple Door. The purpose for the room is to hang out with friends and dance, like many of us do in Bear Hollow. Maybe we should go there more frequently ! 🎢 I can confirm that radio days will be held in Purple Door and why not in the Community Center. πŸŽ‰