New Community Center

Hi there Pandas,

It’s been a while since the Community Center ideas post. I’d like to thank you all that submited an idea, you showed that you really want a change. Your ideas were discussed with the rest of the team. We did everything possible to fit everything that we can in the room. Like I mentioned previously, not every idea can be possible due to the game’s possibilities.

Here is what the new Community Center has:

  • NPC panda – Do you remember Max from the Panda Gold quest? Now he’s a permanent NPC and the Panda Gold catalog is moved to him. Yes, that means that Lily no longer has it. We’re not sure will Max get quests.
  • Donation (coming soon) – You will be able to donate clothes soon. Stay tuned for more information!
  • Game – Well, not exactly new. You can play Panda Pairs by clicking on Max’s joystick button.
  • More activites – We’re sure there will be activities in the room like mod meet-ups and after parties. We also suggest you to start hanging out in the center more often. 😀
  • Mini-events – For sure there will be mini-events in Community Center when there’s not a festival. There’s even one right now! It’s summer time so why don’t you just relax on the shark chairs.
  • Drinks and snacks (coming soon) – Yes that’s right! New food and drinks are coming in mPandanda Land, so that means we’ll no longer consume only ice cream. 😛
  • Place for our pets  Currently, there are almost 21,000 pets in the land, so Community Center has got a little place where they can have fun.
  • Modern look  It should have been first in the list but okay… The center has got glass walls and floor with that sadly cannot be seen in Bear Hollow. You can either enjoy the beautiful view outside or watch how the fishes are swimming.

Sadly, we didin’t find a place for the tree from the old room design. 🙁 But at least we have a picture with it! 😀

The pandas who submited an idea have already got 1000 coins and 3 Panda Gold in their accounts. Due to the high interest, we decided to increase the panda gold prize. Enjoy!

The mPandanda Team