It’s Time to Take Care of Your Pets!

Hey there, mPandas!

Today, we’ve got the very last thing that you’ve been waiting for in the past 6 years since Pandanda closed in the first place. It’s controversial, however, it’s here – and that’s the Pet Stats. Count this even as a pet guide, if you wish.

So first, we’ll start off with the fact that we’ve got some handy instructions about Pet Care in the Pets Catalog in the Pet Shop. Let’s check them out first.

Now that you’ve got all the Pet Care basics, it’s time to get to the real deal and to the new stuff. As you’ve probably read above, it takes around 3 days for the dragon to hatch. If you use the egg warmer, that’s going to help in the hatching process. During those 3 days you may only want to warm and love your new little pet – it doesn’t need to be fed or put to sleep. However, after it hatches, it’s time for you to look after your pal. That means, feeding it, dancing with it, loving it and giving them rest and taking them out for walks.

Every day, there’s a different amount of happiness, rest and strength stats that your pet loses. After doing the final sum, it means that your pet can survive at most 10 days without any care. Then, it leaves. But, don’t worry! You’ll get notifications once your little dragon’s stats are low and they’ll appear every time you log in until your pet has some decent stats.

Let’s get to all the actions your pet has!


This option shows you what the Pet Stats are, alongside with birthday.


This option helps you give your dragon love – this improves Happiness with 15%.


This option helps you feed your dragon – Flint Nibbles improve Strength with 25%, whereas D-Chow does so with 20%.


This option helps you put your dragon to sleep – one sleep improves Rest with 20%.


This option asks your little pet to dance – improves Happiness with 10%.


This option asks your dragon to fly – improves Happiness with 5%. Whenever you click the opposite – Stop Flying, it improves Rest with 5%.


This options asks your little dragon pet to breathe fire and improves Happiness with 5%.


This option lets you have your dragon anywhere with you around the land and as a bonus, it increases Happiness with 5%.


This option asks your dragon to wave when it’s with you.

And that’s basically all about taking care of your pets, fellows!

Enjoy and take care of your pets! If you don’t log in for 10 days, they’ll be gone!

Petting all our pets around,