Summer Recap, New Quest Rewards, Blog Anniversary & more

Hey there, fellow mPandas!

It’s DJFang here and we’ve got a lot to look back to, look forward to and check out in this post. So let’s get started, what’s the schedule?

We’ll be starting off with reminiscing some great moments from this summer. Since Summer Festival ended today, it’s time to recall all those great moments with our Panda friends!

We kicked the summer off (literally) with Football Festival on June 20! It was really amazing – we collected Footballs, we got some great prizes, visited the Coach in Harvest Grove and played on the Stadium!

Next, we sailed around mPandanda Land from July 25 with Pierre the Pirate – we got a new minigame – Row Your Boat, new locations – Lighthouse and Faraway Desert and last, but not least, we went through the Pirate Journey and got some really cool prizes!

And we’ve just had Summer Festival that started on August 17 – we definitely chilled out and caught the last summer vibes out there!

In the meanwhile, we’ve got some cool updates released such as the ice cream that’s visible by everyone, pets, Donations Chest, the long-awaited Quests Pack 4 and so on! Check out these posts for more about those updates:

It’s Time To Take Care of Your Pets!

Summer Additions are here!

Quests Pack 4: Full Release

Now, let’s check out what has been released. Yeah, that’s right – the brand new Quest Rewards for Levels 120, 125, 130, 135 – there is a TON of items so just go ahead and check them out (here’s a little spoiler).

Now that the summer is near its end in mPandanda Land, we’re getting closer to even more exciting celebrations and especially one of my favorite festivals – Pumpkin Festival (late October, hehe).

What have we got for you in September?

  • New Panda Gold, Clothing Co. and House & Tree catalogs
  • Harvest Festival
  • mPandanda Standalone Public Beta
  • Panda Color Vote 2018 + Sun Yellow Pet

And since many unplanned ideas pop up in the very last moment – who knows – we may have even more coming up for you!

Party on and looking forward to Fall 2018,